Divide & Conquer


7 Basics to Include In Your Sketch notes

Everyone loves a pretty picture. Sketching notes transforms words (that might normally go in one ear and out the other) into beautiful masterpieces. If you’re anything like me, when I first started I felt like the empty page staring back at me was intimidating and clearly mocking my inexperienced creativity – I had no idea where to start. So, I tried to do something only my husband knows how to do, I attempted a logical thought process.


That in itself could’ve been enough to send me careening into a downward spiral, but thankfully I survived. My logic?

Divide and conquer.

Seeing the page in sections helped to minimize the stress of having to fill up an entire page. When I first started, I would draw my title really big in the centre of my page. Then I would write notes around it. It did make it less intimidating, but it kind of looked like throw-up in a notebook.

Thankfully, I soon developed a formula that made sense to me and kept my notes from filing for insanity. This simple formula wrangles my notes together every time, whether I’m feeling the creativity or seem to have an empty crater for a brain.

This is the format that I use every time I listen to a sermon.

Use these 7 basic elements in your sermon sketch notes and you’ll look like a pro every time.

  1. Title
  2. Date
  3. Speaker
  4. Scripture References
  5. Key Thoughts
  6. Frames
  7. Embellishments

There you have it!

Before you know it, the service is over, you are standing to your feet and you’ve created a masterpiece with the inspired words that God gave to your pastor.

Take your notes and purpose to mull on them over and over throughout the week. It really adds a spark to meditating on the Word of God, day and night.

Do you have any other elements that you add to your sermon notes? Let me know below; I’m always looking to expand my creativity!

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