The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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Mr. Enlartle. That was the name I gave to my first sermon doodle. It was a lengthy church service and I was 13 with a limited attention span. Doodling was how I stayed awake. Creative journaling wasn’t a thing back then and although I didn’t know it at the time, that would be the beginning of my creative note taking journey.

Ok, well, actually it would be another 22 years before I would attempt it again – there’s a fear of getting caught for doodling during a service, and an even greater one for doodling in your brand new Bible!

Today, I love doodling, or creative journaling during a sermon!

Here are my top 8 reasons for creative journaling.

It can be used as a tool for daily devotions

There are many times during a sermon that I think to myself that I should make a mental note to look deeper into something that was said. Before I started taking notes creatively, I would either try to remember on my own (which almost never happened) or I would write a little side note within my sentences. With creative journaling, it’s so pretty that I want to look at my creations every day and seeing them seems to spark my memory in a way like no other. Which brings me to my second reason…

It sparks & boosts creativity

When you doodle or draw, your brain basically hones in on your creativity gene (and yes, I believe everyone has creativity inside of them) and it begins to get stronger. It’s almost like your brain goes into hyper drive creatively and you begin to draw things and do lettering better and better.

I learn so much more

On the same note, I seem to have an uncanny ability to learn things plainly so much easier than ever before. It’s almost as if the learning part of my brain mimics the smooth gliding of the pen on the paper. I can’t explain it, but it’s a real thing. My learning is exponential while I’m doodling.

I retain so much more

Ok, it’s one thing to hear a sermon, love it and purpose to live it out. It’s a totally different thing to actually do that. Now, I’m not saying that creative journaling will cause you to do things, but it brings an excitement to applying the Word of God to your life. And trust me, I need all the excitement I can get when it comes to walking out change in my life. I. Despise. Change.

It causes me to be engaged with the sermon throughout the week

When I used to take traditional notes, I would sometimes reread them 10 years later or sometimes never again. Now that I take creative notes, I probably go over at least a few sermons per day. Per. Day. I almost feel like I relive the sermon every day of the week! This is literally a preacher’s dream!

It’s unique

How many people do you know that take notes during a serive? Maybe half the congregation, on a good day. How many people do you know that draw during a service? For me, only a handful. Taking notes creatively is a unique thing and that’s pretty cool – especially cause I’m unique, or weird or whatever…I’m going with unique. Taking creative notes is a reflection of my God-given uniqueness.

It’s therapeutic

There is just something peaceful and serene about turning the words I’m hearing into art. I found it so peaceful and therapeutic that I started incorporating it into my daily devotions. There’s a reason why adult colouring books have been such a hit as of late – it helps alleviate stress in many people’s lives.

It’s fun

When it comes right down to it, drawing is fun. I get to go to church and do something that is FUN during the service. I look forward to hearing, creating and doodling a masterpiece in real time, right in tune with the Holy Spirit.

So, whether you’re a creative genius or someone who needs help focusing, creative sermon notes can be for you! Join me on this journey to learning how to letter and doodle creatively.

Do you take creative notes or do you know someone who does this? Comment below!

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