Sephora VIB Sale Wishlist | Spring 2018

Green corrector.

That was my very first purchase at Sephora. I was almost 20.

I had no idea what to do with it. I just loved the idea of a store completely dedicated to makeup.

So I bought the fanciest thing I could think of without looking like I was clueless about makeup.

I was.

And I probably reeked of ‘newbie’ from across the mall.

I’d like to say that’s when I started learning about makeup, but it’s not. We didn’t have any specialty makeup stores that I knew of where I lived. Plus, I never wanted to spend money. Ever.

Fast forward to 2016.

A friend forwarded me an email from Sephora.

And here we are. Loving makeup and working it into the monthly budget.

The semi-annual VIB Insider event is coming up at Sephora and I thought it would be fun to put together my top 10 shopping list for the spring.

First, let’s talk about the dates.

April 13-16 & 20-23
15% discount

April 20-23
15% discount

April 20-23
10% discount

With that, let’s dive into the list!

The Deep Cleanse
The Water Cream
Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo
Bombshell Blowout Volume Spray
Mermaid Skin Hyaluronic H2O Sérum
Mineral Veil Primer
Estée Lauder
Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation
Hair Perfector No. 3
Atelier Cologne
Collection Azur – Mandarin Glaciale
Urban Decay
All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

It was hard limiting my list to 10, but realistically I don’t have an unlimited number of resources available at my disposal for makeup. Or for anything.

If I could only get one thing, I would buy the Tatcha Deep Cleanse/Water Cream duo. I was so reluctant to buy anything from Tatcha because of the price point, but quickly found out that it is absolutely worth it!! My skin did a complete 180 degree turn literally overnight. That’s worth my money.
A good face of makeup starts with good skin care.

Are you shopping the VIB Sale at Sephora? What’s on your list? Comment below.

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