The Sweet Truth | Hershey’s Crunchers

***Disclaimer: These products were sent to me free of charge for testing purposes. Although they didn’t cost me anything, these are all our own opinions.

Who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail? I know I do. It’s like Christmas morning when I get to the mailbox and see that large red key in my slot. I know that means something was too big to fit in my slot.

Before we left for Niagara Falls, I decided to check the mail.

Sure enough, Christmas came.

This time it was chocolate. Hershey’s Crunchers, to be exact.

Crunchers Pictures

Sometimes companies (like Influenster) send out free products to be reviewed. I mean, twist my arm. Chocolate is a hard sell for me to review.

Ok, true, I haven’t really had sugar over the last 7 years, but I’m not opposed to eating some chocolate occasionally. You know, for testing purposes. Plus, I’m trying to learn how to do things in moderation. Quite possibly, this may be the best place to start.

This time around I incorporated my kids in my taste testings. It may have had a bit to do with the fact that they kept bringing me the bags to ask if they could have some.

Let’s just say, they know how to wear me down. Also, let’s be real here, kids have no problem giving their brutally honest opinions.

That being said, here are our reviews.

Cookies and Cream Crunchers
170g Bag
Per 15 pieces (40g)
200 Calories
9g Fat
17g Sugar
150mg Sodium

Score 7/10
Straight up a seven out of ten. Nothing more, nothing less.

Score 10/10
It kind of tastes like smores, but without the marshmallow and with white chocolate. It tastes good. *said in a lingering giggle*

The Sweet Truth 1

Reese’s Crunchers
170g Bag
Per 14 pieces (40g)
200 Calories
11g Fat
17g Sugar
95mg Sodium

Score 10/10
Those are good, but they make me drink a lot of water.

Score 9/10
They taste like Ferrero Rocher, but I think I like the cookies and cream better.

The Sweet Truth 2

Overall, Violet loved the Cookies and Cream Crunchers the best while Vincent loved the Reese’s Crunchers the best. Obviously, I needed to see who was right. Although, I admit, I’m a bit biased to anything with a peanut butter and chocolate combo. I was kind of shocked at my findings.

The sweet truth? I loved both of them. The Cookies and Cream Crunchers probably took the lead on it, though. Then, when I read that you could use them as ice cream toppers, that was it, I was sold on the Cookies and Cream ones.

Literally my only negative thing to say is that when they came, we were going through a heat wave and they melted. Although that may have taken away from the look of them and made it hard to determine the nutritional value (maybe that’s not a problem), it didn’t take away from the taste by any means.

Have you tried Hershey’s Crunchers? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

How I Ditched Sugar

7 years.

That’s how long I cut out sugar in my diet.

When I travelled to Israel in February, I decided I wasn’t going to be sugar-free anymore.

I ate sugar.


I ate it!

Guess what?

I couldn’t handle it.

My body reminded me first hand of all the terrible things sugar did to me – brain fog, sluggishness, bloating, headaches.

So, although I’m not going to call myself ‘sugar free’ anymore, I definitely don’t want to willfully eat it again.

That brings me to the question I get a lot.

Why did I decide to cut out sugar?

Everyone thinks that when you do something drastic like that it’s because you’re some sort of health nut or something.

I’m going to be honest – I didn’t do it because I wanted to be healthy. I did it out of sheer competition.

…with my husband, no less…

Here’s the low-down.

Brian approached me one day and said he was giving up sugar for a month. All I could think of was that I was going to stuff my face full of sugar, ballooning out like a hippo and he was going to be all ‘healthy’ and fit.

So, I told him I would do it with him.

He laughed.

I mean, he laughed so hard I may have seen a tear slide down his cheek.

He said I wouldn’t last a day.

That was all he had to say.

The next 24 hours were brutal. I mean, brutal! I’m talking headache, shakes, irritability, literally the works.

I was determined to prove I could last a month, so I pushed through it. Kudos to my kids for putting up with me.

After a month – probably the longest month ever – Brian went back to eating sugar again and I realized I had a problem. Every night that month I would dream about chocolate and wake up tasting it! I couldn’t tell if it was all in my head or if I was sleep-walking in the night and indulging in the bliss of chocolate heaven.

So, I decided I would keep sugar out of my diet until I had some self-control.

I went through the entire house and cleared out all of my stashes. I had chocolate hidden so many places, you’d think I was a chocolate hoarder.

I was.

Mom fail – my kids didn’t even know that they got candy at Halloween or Easter or anything because I ate all of it.

I also went through my whole kitchen and threw out anything with sugar (or a derivative) in the first 8 ingredients.

Good-bye bbq sauce. Sayonara ketchup. Bon voyage salad dressing. Arrivederci to almost everything!

Honestly, it was such a great decision. It didn’t take long and I started feeling the difference. Here are some of the benefits that I experienced:

  • Mental clarity – no more brain fog
  • Sleeping better
  • Waking up awake
  • Weight stability
  • No more bloating
  • Talking without stumbling over words
  • Increased memory
  • Less migraines

All in all, it took a good year before I stopped tasting sugar in my sleep. Once that year mark hit, I didn’t have to purpose to not eat sugary foods, it just became more of a lifestyle for me.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been times throughout the 7 years that I just wish I could taste it one more time, but I know it’s a slippery slope for me. The symptoms I experienced by trying a teaspoon of it in my coffee on vacation were enough to encourage me to continue on without refined sugar in my diet.

Do you struggle with chocolate or sugar? Maybe I’ll do a post with my sugar-free tips (hint: it won’t be anything with maltitol – sugar-free doesn’t have to mean digestive issues.) Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.