Skin Care Routine | Spring 2018

Although I’ve loved makeup for a long time, I haven’t always loved taking care of my skin. I always found it to be a hassle taking off my makeup before bed or applying cream, serum or anything. I kind of had the thought that skin care products would cause my skin to radically dry out.

I’m grateful to say that I’m a little older and bit wiser in this area. My skin has changed so much since I started really caring for it. I learned that finding the right products was key in keeping my skin fresh, hydrated and healthy.

Before we dive into my current routine, let’s see how my skin care routine has changed a bit over the last few years.

This was literally the only thing I used on my face (besides makeup). You can use FCO as an eye makeup remover, makeup remover and moisturizer, all in one. My face was never dry or greasy when I used this (although it is comedogenic, so you want to be careful with it).
Reason why I switched? It bothered my eyes so much that my vision would be blurry for about 2 hours after using it.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
Makeup Eraser
I admit, I continued to use the FCO to take off my eye makeup because it worked so well. I never had to scrub, it just melted it away. Closer to the end of 2017, I tried to use just the Makeup Eraser, but I felt like it left a film on my skin, so I added a cleanser. I tried a sample of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and I loved how it cleaned my skin. I just couldn’t get over the smell and how dry my face felt afterward.

So, I switched. Again.

Nivea Eye Makeup Remover
Biore Powder Cleanser
Tatcha The Deep Cleanse
Tatcha The Water Cream
This year has been an amazing start for me with skin care. It all started because I was travelling to Israel and wanted to pack in a carry-on. I did a lot of research on cutting edge products and found a powdered cleanser – which would eliminate that out of my liquids allotment. The problem was that it was so expensive and I wasn’t sure if it worked. I began looking for a cheap version of it when I found Biore had one. It was $6, so I couldn’t resist trying it.

I love it!

I know this is kinda gross, but my pores felt like they were exploding dirt right out of them! My face felt so clean after. The only problem was that it tightens and dries the skin as tight as I used to roll baby diapers.

I needed a cream.

I had a sample of Dr. Jart+ Hydrogel that I started using and I LOVED it. It wasn’t heavy, moisturized my face and literally felt like water.

Then I ran out of it.

I immediately ran out to Sephora to get a new sample or possibly buy it, but they didn’t carry it in the store. I decided I would get a sample of the Tatcha Water Cream and see if that compared. I got distracted, like usual, and tried the Tatcha Deep Cleanse on my hand. I’m sure if they have cameras in the store, they could pull up first of all how I accidentally squirted a boatload onto my hand, but secondly how excited I got with it.


I was talking loudly. To myself. In a very animated monologue. Then, in the middle of my monologue, I turned around and a shaft of light ignited the end-cap in front of me and I found myself staring at a travel size duo, for just $30.

Um, yes?

So I did what any beauty lover would do. I bought it and ran home to wash my face.

At 10:00 in the morning.

I’m not even going to tell you anything about it, cause I’m saving that for a full review, but I will say that it quickly made it’s debut into my skin care regime.

So now, I feel like my skin is the best it’s ever been. I owe it all to my new skin care routine.

1. Remove eye makeup with Nivea
2. Take off makeup with Biore Powder
3. Wash my face/neck with Tatcha Deep Cleanse
4. Moisturize with Tatcha Water Cream

Do you have a tried-and-true skin care regime? What is your favourite product? Comment below.

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