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Are Gel Nails Really Better Than Acrylics?

When I was a teenager and into my early twenties, before kids, I would change my nail polish to match my outfit pretty well every single day. I'm not just talking a coat of polish, I'm talking all out designs - fingers and toes! I'm sure if you have kids, you can deduct that that kind… Continue reading Are Gel Nails Really Better Than Acrylics?


30 Beauty Questions Tag

I've seen this tag on a few blogs lately and thought it would be fun to do. I copied the questions from Imperfect Beauty so head over to her blog and check out her answers (and give her a follow). 1.) Do you remember your first makeup item? Maybelline Watermelon Kissing Koolers and Maybelline Bubble Gum Kissing Potion… Continue reading 30 Beauty Questions Tag