New Favourite Foundation?

If you read my July Empties post, you already know that I ran out of my beloved Too Faced foundation. I still haven’t had the time or extra pocket change to restock my favourite, so I’ve had to make do with other samples I had lying around from last year.

Ok, there’s a chance I’m procrastinating on buying a full-size foundation because my skin tone has been going through some interesting changes lately and my normal shade is starting to look orange on my skin…so I’m really hoping I can make these samples last until my skin tone levels out.

Enter Becca Ultimate Coverage 24-Hour Foundation.

If my memory serves me correctly, last November I got a sample in the shade Buff (light/medium beige with neutral/yellow/golden undertones). I remember trying it once and my foundation turned out pretty cakey. I didn’t try to figure out why it looked like that; I just set it aside and moved on to the next sample I got.

So, fast forward to this past month. I wanted to film a video and needed to quickly do my makeup. For some reason, I grabbed the Becca sample and threw my face together. It turned out beautiful. It wasn’t cakey. It wasn’t too thick. It just looked flawless – on camera and in real life.

I decided to look into why I had very different results both times. Here are the results of my findings.

First things first.


You’re all going to judge me for this, but I’m cool with that. I didn’t have any other options. Here goes. I have always put on my makeup in my bedroom with the light off or in the car while Brian is driving.

Until. That is, until I started filming for YouTube. Then I started doing my makeup with all my filming lights on. What a world of difference light makes. That’s a whole other post all on its own. It was so much easier to apply an even layer and blend out my foundation when I could actually see where the product was going. Game changer.

Next, with this foundation, you literally need the tiniest amount ever. It is full coverage and a little goes a long way. The little Sephora sample I received will probably last me until school starts up again. When I tried it back in November, I used the same amount of product I use with other foundations. That’s a mistake. Remember, with this one, a little goes a long way.

So, those are my tips for making this foundation rock your look. Now let’s address the whole 24-hour thing.

Can I just ask, who in the world is staying up for 24 hours needing their makeup to be flawless that entire time? 24-hour foundation just doesn’t make sense to me.

However, I wore it for 19 hours on Thursday and the results were pretty great. Throughout the day and into the evening, I had people comment to me on it. Then, when I went to wash my makeup off (at 2am, after wearing it for 19 hours), it looked almost exactly how it looked when I first applied it.

So, although it wasn’t quite 24 hours and I probably won’t ever wear makeup that long, it stood up to the hot weather, wind in my face in my Jeep on the highway and every time I touched my face throughout the day/night.

Down to the real question. Will this replace my favourite foundation? No. Will this be added to my makeup collection as my other favourite? Yes. It’s ok to have more than one favourite, right?

Have you tried Becca Ultimate Coverage 24-Hour Foundation? Leave me a comment telling me your thoughts.

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