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the etherealist

One of the great things about ordering online with Sephora is that you get to pick samples that ship with your order. I recently received a sample of The Etherealist foundation by Kevyn Aucoin with my most recent order. I decided to try it out and let you all in on my thoughts about it.

Kevyn Aucoin
The Etherealist Foundation

$70 (CDN)/$58 (US)
Shade Range – 16 shades

I can’t really comment on the packaging as I used a sample packet I received with a Sephora order.

The consistency is fairly thin and ran down the back of my hand when applied.

I used a damp beauty sponge to apply the foundation. It blended ok, but it looked a bit patchy. The first layer I used the shade Light EF 02, but it was too light, which could be why it was patchy. When I applied the second layer with the shade Medium EF 06, the colour matched well and it blended better.

This is definitely a medium coverage foundation. I didn’t find that it evened out my skin tone in my chin area, but it covered well for the rest of my face.

Finished face
After my makeup was finished, my foundation looked a bit cakey up close, but from a step back it looked flawless – almost airbrushed. I’m curious to see if the cakey finish had to do with the fact that I applied two layers (see my final thoughts).

First Impressions Wear test (9am)
This foundation feels smooth and light on my skin, maybe even like it turns to a light powder. It doesn’t feel heavy or thick.

5-hour wear test (2pm)
After a few hours, my foundation was still in tact. It seemed to be wearing off near my lips and chin area. It still felt light and airbrushed.

10-hour wear test (7pm)
10 hours was too long for me. Even though I set it with the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, by the time it hit the 10 hour mark my foundation was separating, settling into the lines around my nose and chin, and the coverage seemed light at best.

Final thoughts
After writing my first impressions down, I went to Sephora’s website and checked out the claims this foundations makes. As I read the claims, I realized that my review was fairly consistent with the claims – medium coverage, airbrush finish, etc. I tried wearing the foundation again, this time using one layer of the medium shade and using a foundation brush. It looked flawless and not cakey at all. That being said, I liked the foundation and would absolutely use it for shorter days, like a Sunday morning at church. Also, since it feels so light on the skin, I think it could possibly be a beautiful summer foundation. However, it’s definitely on the high end for pricing, so I’d really have to think about whether it would be worth buying for only a day each week.

etherealist foundation sheri

My Final Score 7/10

Have you tried The Etherealist foundation? Did you love it or pass? Comment below.

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