July Empties

I normally want to wait for these types of posts until the beginning of the month and then I can share all of my favourites.


July has been one of those months that I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel on a few makeup staples. So, I thought writing this out might help me decide how, when and if I’m repurchasing or not.

I will probably do a favourites blog in a few weeks because there’s already a handful of products that I discovered in July!

Tarte Shape Tape

Everyone talks about how Tarte Shape Tape is their holy grail – and it definitely has been a tried-and-true staple in my makeup routine. It is full-coverage and is perfect for those under-eye dramas that present themselves after a few nights of no sleep or crying till the cows come home…or every. day. life. It’s not greasy, doesn’t crease and lasts all day. I simply love it.

The cons? I can’t buy it at a physical store in Canada, which makes swatching the product an out-of-country, $$ exchange, kilometers to miles kind of an ordeal. Also, I can tell there is still product at the bottom of the tube, but the wand can’t reach it.

Ok, down to the nitty-gritty. Would I repurchase it? Yes and no. I am going to try Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer and if it gives me the same results, I’ll probably switch. You know, because Canada.

Shape Tape

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
Natural Beige

One hundred percent. This is 100% my favourite all-time foundation. I talk about it all the time. I just don’t know another foundation that gives me results like this one. It blends easily and creates a flawless finish that lasts forever. for ever. I can go swimming with this, bask in the sunshine and it is still in tact after all that (obviously as long as I don’t wipe it away with a towel or something). One of the things I love about it is that I don’t even need a lot of product (I don’t even use a full pump) to achieve maximum results.

The cons? I don’t have this on tap at my full disposal. That’s it.

Back to the nitty-gritty. Would I repurchase? Yes. A thousand times, yes. And then again for good measure.


Annabelle Lip Liner

I don’t know if this technically is an empty, but it’s almost to the point where I can’t sharpen it anymore, so I’m going with calling it an empty. This is my favourite lip liner for a few reasons. First, it’s a great nude. It matches my natural lips so I can line them with it regardless of the colour lipstick I use. Also, it has lasted me a long time – I’m guessing longer than a year or two.

Would I repurchase? Yep. As a matter of fact, I’m heading out to the drug store and might just pick up another today…


Alright, so there weren’t that many empties, but they’re kind of a big deal because if I repurchase them, I’d be spending over $100 Canadian. That’s a pretty penny. Comment below if you think I should drop that like it’s pocket change (it is, isn’t it?).

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